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Event Date: August 30, 2023
Event Date: Gateway Hotel
Event Closed

Breakfast with Acting CEO Gary Seddon of Air Niugini

Air Niugini CEO – Mr. Gary Seddon speaks on the airline’s present challenges and new opportunities during breakfast.

 A great turnout this morning as members of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry and non-members attended the corporate breakfast with Air Niugini CEO, Mr. Gary Seddon.

The breakfast featured Mr. Seddon as he talked about the present challenges, new changes and opportunities for Air Niugini.

Mr. Gary Seddon started his speech talking about the competitiveness in employee retainment for the airline companies in Papua New Guinea. “We are competing with the world, and some of their demands are huge. Places like the US, they are offering 100, 000 USD Contracts to our pilots, and we have lost 3 of our good pilots to the US because of that.” Says Gary. “We also have other challenges like competing to have our request prioritized by Boeing Services to acquire new planes. It’s tough because we have people like ARAB Emirates making requests for 500 planes and we only need two,” he says.

Mr. Gary further talked about what Air Niugini is doing to ensure proper expertise and resources are built into service delivery for the organisation.

“In the last two months, we’ve managed to recruit over 25 pilots, at a time when airlines around the world are offering substantial packages. We have increased our engineering team beyond 180, with over 105 certified and well experienced,” says Gary.

Garry further discussed the hopes and opportunities for the Airline company as he exemplifies the new PX50 Boeing jets that are set to come to PNG later this year.

The new planes, according to Gary, will have a positive impact on logistical issues with domestic and international flights and lower airfare costs.

“We’ve placed orders for two 787 aircraft, these are next generation aircraft that have exceptional range, comfortable, use 20% less fuel with 50-60 passengers. This will allow air Niugini to improve its service delivery with challenging destinations like the highlands and township airports,” he says.

“We have also placed orders for an Airbus 8-20 Aircraft. By the last quarter of 2028, we will have a 11 82-28 Airbuses to operate domestically and abroad,” he adds. “These new airbuses will use 30% less fuel, carry more passengers and move faster to the destinations, which will result in lower airfares costs for our customers,” says Gary.

Gary finally addressed the latest changes Air Niugini is taking to help leverage its customer retention value. “We’re adding 8 additional aircrafts to our fleets over the course of the next six months, that includes two 7372 – 800 Series aircrafts, we are providing more trainings, promotions, recruitments to minimize the usually flight delays which mostly happen because of lack of technicians and specialists,” says Mr. Gary Seddon.

Air Niugini is the oldest serving Airline Service provider in the country.  The airline service is 100% owned by the government and will be having its 50 years anniversary this year.

Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to provide platforms for its members such as Air Niugini to address prospective members about its services and products which helps build their influence and improve their relationships with their prospective or existing clients.