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BSP Group CEO Mark Robinson with BSP Exco , Ian Tarutia & POMCCI staff
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Event Date: July 20, 2023
Event Date: Port Moresby RoyalPapua Yacht Club
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BSP addresses members of the chamber on new System Update

POMCCI Business Breakfast for 20th July; Mark Robinson -CEO of BSP Group, Nuni Kulu – BSP’s Chief Operating Officer, Leighton Crisp – Head of Treasury & Sales & Ryan George – Group Treasurer for BSP.

It was great turnout this morning as active members of Port Moresby Chamber of Industry and Commerce came together for an exclusive breakfast with key delegates from Bank South Pacific to hear about the bank’s economic outlook and its new system changes for progressive and efficient banking.

Keynote speaker and new CEO of BSP, Mr. Mark Robinson gave a very informative speech about the changes in BSP’s payment systems as he acknowledges the minor setbacks that came with it.

“Many of you were affected by the post upgrade systemic issues that we had which we have been working 7 days a week with our global vendors to address this. All issues have been resolved and everything is back to normal now,” said Mark. “This system is designed by the third largest software company in the world and is used by over 600 banks in 140 different countries.” He says, “We are excited about this new technology and are looking forward to building a strong resilience proposition for our customers,” he says.

Mr. Robinson further discussed the Bank’s observation on the pressing challenges and his prepositions to move the economy forward.

“We must consider the few challenges we share, namely the cost of doing business in PNG such as power supply, unpredictability of foreign exchange among others,” he says.

“For the next few years, there is an opportunity for the country to create a strong foundation for many years. The challenge is to ensure the revenues we gain are used for investments in infrastructure and institutions that are modernizing our economic needs,” says Mark.

“Another challenge is keeping up to date with the present changes in financial systems. We do this by efficiency in allocating capital, doing the day-to-day tasks professionally well, getting up to speed with the direction of foreign exchange and making sure its liberation is set even if the fees are not yet settled. Addressing these issues in the near term will be the key to unlocking the full potential in PNG and modernizing the economy” says Mr. Robinson.

Other keynote speakers from BSP this morning was Mrs. Nuni Kulu – BSP’s Chief Operating Officer, who talked about the Bank’s experience with customers retainment, Mr. Leighton Crisp – Head of Treasury & Sales, who talked about contrasts between PNG and the South Pacific’s economic outlook and BSP’s resource program, Mr. Ryan George – Group Treasurer for BSP, who spoke about the overview of financial markets in the region.

Around 183 representatives from 23 member houses (Business houses) joined the breakfast to hear about the presentations from BSP.

The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce of Commerce and Industry continues to provide platforms for events such these where information can be exchanged that can greatly benefit the progress of business in our city.